Our Warranty Policy

Repair Warranty Policy:

Most of our repairs come with a 1 Year Hassle Free warranty.

(Some Exclusions do Apply. See Below.)

Our battery replacements come with a 90 day Hassle Free warranty.

The warranty covers any manufacture defects/errors made during the repair process

If your new part is not functioning like you think it should be, come back and allow us to find a solution.

We sincerely make every effort to make any warranty issues hassle free, but there are some conditions that govern our warranty policy:



  • If during the process of your repair, liquid damage is discovered, you will not be eligible for our warranty. 

  • If the technician is/was unable to check your device before the repair, Repair Army, or the technician, CANNOT be held liable for anything not functioning correctly after the repair.

  • Our warranty only covers the replacement parts, or any parts handled during your original repair. Any other parts or components malfunctioning after the repair are not covered by our warranty.

  • Warranty is voided if opened by anyone other than our technicians at Repair Army.

  • If, for any reason, you decide to cancel your repair after is has begun or has been completed, you may be charged a $29 service fee, at the discretion of the technician.


Broken Screen After Repair:

If your device breaks again within 30 days of your original repair, we are happy to offer you $20 off of the regular price at the time of original purchase.


Tempered Glass Warranty:

All of our tempered glass protectors come with a Lifetime Warranty.

With a copy of your receipt, or if we are able to look up your records in our system, all you have to pay is the deductible.

Smartphones - Plain: $9.99

Smartphones - Zizo: $14.99

Smartphones - Blueo Plain: $19.99

Smartphones - Blueo Privacy/AntiGlare: $34.99

Smartphones - Blueo KingKong: $44.99

Tablets: $29.99

Computers: $34.99



While every effort is made to preserve your data, data loss may occur.

While we understand the frustration in losing your data, we cannot be held liable if data loss does occur. We strongly recommend having a recent backup of your data before proceeding with a repair.

Warranty Issues?